Pink Pineapple Passion

Pink Pineapple Passion
Serves : 
Ingredients : 

Full of flavour, quick and easy to prepare. Mildly caramelised fresh pineapple, with pink peppercorns and passionfruit sorbet- the perfect dessert to round off an exotic meal.

1 pineapple, preferably Victoria

1 tsp pink peppercorns

Passion fruit sorbet

120g vanilla flavoured brown sugar

1 generous knob of salted butter

1/3 glass of water

Method : 

Peel and trim the pineapple and cut into thick slices.

On a plate, toss the pineapple slices in the Vanilla flavoured brown sugar.

Melt the butter in a large frying pan and fry the pineapple slices until they are caramelised on both sides. Set aside on a plate

Put the left over sugar in the frying pan with a couple of tablespoon of water. 

Allow sugar to melt and become syrupy in consistency. Add the pink peppercorn and set aside.

Presentation :

Place the warm pineapple slices on dessert plates, along with a scoop of passion fruit sorbet.

Drizzle with the syrup and pink peppercorns. Serve immediately