Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble
Ingredients : 

5 apples

1 lemon (small)

8 tbsp brown sugar (vanilla flavour)

Vanilla pod

150 g flour

100 g butter

A pinch of salt

25 g crushed almond (optional)

Method : 

Mix the butter, flour and salt with your fingertips until you get a grainy mixture.

Mix half of the sugar and the crushed almonds into the mixture. Refrigerate.

Split the vanilla pod in two and scrape the pulp with a sharp knife.

Peel apples and cut into cubes.

Add the remaining sugar, a few drops of lemon and the vanilla pulp.

Put apples into an oven friendly dish.

Cover with mixture of flour, butter and sugar and put in the oven at 180˚C, for 30 mins, or until the top is golden.

Serve with vanilla ice cream.


Tips:  Apples may be replaced with other fruits.